We’re the WINK Group.

In an Age when consumer’s hunger for new and heightened Value Experiences. There is a real need for companies taking a New Look at an outside Marketing Agency; focused on Innovation and Disruption.

The WINK Group delivers: Creative Ideas and Rapid Innovation in “The Blink Of An Eye”; Creating Innovative and Engaging Product, Packaging and Promotional concepts.

How we do this makes us a little unique. We marry our own “360 (degree) Design Thinking” with industry wisdom to create playful and often time sensorial concepts.

We are a tight team of experienced individuals, who are expert in our fields and we’re all about our client’s enhancing their bottom line cash flow, accelerating top line growth and multiplying their company’s Enterprise Value.

One more thing; we’re about making the process Fun!
Great things happen when work feels like Play!

Let's create something great together.